Machuca Rio Grande

A low-demand trek, very close to the fauna of the area, takes us to an ancient route used by ancient shepherds and cattle breeders. Pick up at the lodging, the excursion begins at 3200 meters above sea level and 45 km from San Pedro, in the town of Machuca, focused on crafts and its gastronomy, it has a small market that offers the famous llama meat anticuchos or their empanadas goat cheese, etc.

During the walk we will be able to see families of llamas using the method of grazing on the side of the river that borders the town, as well as visiting old villages where the habitants ventured into their crops, one of the most named is the village of Peñaliri, which is halfway.

The total route is almost 15 km and ends in Río Grande, where our adventurers are picked up to return to the town again.


  • Trekking in Machuca Rio Grande

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