Guatín Ravine

An excellent panorama is to do high mountain trekking, approximately at 3000masl, to a wonderful place called Guatin Ravine; the route is made by crossing a desert canyon. It can be done in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the participating group, in the morning you enjoy a much cooler climate making the walk a little more pleasant, in the afternoon it is possible to see a warm sunset.

Close to San Pedro, 21 km towards the El Tatio Geyser route, people of any age can visit this place, it has a river that gets in the way several times, giving you the opportunity to cool off. It is a little visited place, at the beginning there is a valley of centennial cacti, several meters high, which give a beautiful welcome! This place is easily accessible, since it is close to the highway and is an excellent station to take a picture and enjoy the peaceful landscape.
This tour can end in a very relaxing way in the Parque de las Termas de Puritama and enjoy its six thermal water pools.


  • Trekking in the Guatín Ravine

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