Tatio Geysers

El Tatio (from the Kunza “tata-iu”) which means “the grandfather who cries” is one of the highest geysers in the world. Located in the Andes Mountains at the northeast of San Pedro de Atacama, it is the largest group of geysers in the southern hemisphere and the third largest in the world, after Yellowstone (USA) and Dolina Giezerow (Russia).

With a height of 4,264 masl and temperatures that reach 85 C. on our return it is possible to observe fauna such as vicuñas, llamas, rheas, vizcachas, etc. While in the Flora the giant Cactus, llaretas, coirón, etc. stand out. We will also visit the small ancestral town of Machuca, its few inhabitants are mainly dedicated to grazing and cheese production, very close to the place is the Salada Lagoon where families of flamingos, ducks and seagulls live with an imposing landscape of beauty.


  • Gothermical field
  • Flora and Fauna (route)
  • Machuca town
  • Putana’s Wedlands

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