Bicycle Routes

Live the adventure of the Atacama desert on wheels, with the help of top quality bicycles, and the company of a trusted guide, explore the different destinations near the town of San Pedro de Atacama, where you can go at your own pace and lose yourself in the beauty of the landscapes.

  • Devil’s throat: It is an excellent route, on the way to Catarpe, you go through a desert canyon, full of entertaining slopes and curves. A river is crossed several times along the way, it allows you to cool off; To the right is the ravine where you must enter, sometimes it is very narrow that you must dismount the bicycle, then you reach the highest part where there is a great viewpoint to the north. You can also visit the chapel of San Isidro, a point to rest and enjoy a beautiful landscape. The complete route can be done in about 5 hours approx.
  • Todo Hill downhill: We begin with the pick up from the hotel, we go 60Km to the southeast of the town, it is a great adventure for lovers of extreme cycling, you must do a trekking of approximately two hours, if you want to descend from the summit, otherwise you go up to 4300 masl; there is a majestic panoramic view of the Atacama salt flat. We begin the descent towards the Atacameñan “punas”, they are about 40 Km downhill, which is traveled to reach an old sulfur mine, the initial starting point. The tour lasts approximately 8 hours.
  • Moon valley: It can be an adventure at sunrise or sunset, we head 5 km towards the entrance of the park, we are dazzled by the passage of the ravines and their craters, similar to those on the lunar surface, we advance another 10 km towards the great dune and then we walk to the top, where you can see a complete view of the place. Depending on your resistance, you can visit the 3 Marias, the amphitheater and even reach the ancient salt caves The tour lasts 3 hours, but if desired it can be extended and continue advancing as far as desired.


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