Astronomical Observatory

It is a fabulous experience, it is known that San Pedro de Atacama has one of the best skies in the world to make observations into space, we go to a place away from the town, where they give you a talk about the Andean worldview, which is connected with the village of the altiplano, in addition to previous knowledge of astronomy.

After what we have learned, we prepare to surprise ourselves with an experience with the universe, the Milky Way and constellations; all through a professional telescope, guided by a certified astronomer.

What is observed in the sky can vary, depending on many factors, such as light pollution or the moon itself, which in fact exceeds %70 of luminosity, in this case the tour focuses directly on it. To finish we enjoy a snack, with hot drinks, necessary for the cold of the night. It is recommended to go quite warm to the excursion.


  • Worldview (cosmovision) talk
  • Observation with the telescope
  • Astrophotography
  • Snack y cocktail

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